Little Shepherds

Introducing Gethsemane’s Little Shepherds…

We’re excited to announce our preschool has partnered with The House of the Good Shepherd (HOTGS) retirement community to create the “Little Shepherds” program. Our goal is to share our crafts, songs, lessons, experiences and joy with the residents of HOTGS. 

During the school year we will send photos, videos, crafts and letters to share what the children are learning with the residents of HOTGS. In return, the residents will send photos, videos and letters to our children. Sharing their stories and daily lives with our kids. 

Starting this Summer we encourage you to participate in the program by sending photos or videos of your child whenever you’re doing something fun. Residents at HOTGS have been through a lot this past year and we’d like to start sharing our smiles with them right away. You can share anything from a family vacation to a fun day in the backyard or park. Anything that makes the kids smile will bring that same joy to the residents. 

As the program grows and it becomes safer for our students and the residents we will plan field trips. Some for the kids to visit HOTGS and then others for the residents to join us in the classroom. 

We’re looking forward to teaching our children lessons of kindness, openness and sharing their joy with others through this program. We also look forward to the lessons our children will learn from the residents at HOTGS. Anyway we can encourage our “Little Shepherds” to be good shepherds of their community helps them to grow into children rooted in faith, family and friendship.